Random Heart

Some images from the couple of days after the Run for the Color, when we returned to the park for our regularly scheduled morning walk/jog.

Does anyone else see a heart in that tire track in the middle of the color leftover from the starting line of the 5K?


Whitley County Courthouse and FroYo


Indiana’s county courthouses are mostly amazing. According to Indiana’s Courthouse Squares, 83 of the original 92 courthouses are still standing. You can go to the site and click on the COURTHOUSES link at the bottom left of the page for picture of all of them.

This year is Indiana’s statehood bicentennial. Yes, I bought my 1816-2016 tee shirt. The fore-folks would be appalled that I’m basically running around in men’s underwear. The heck with them.

I took this photo from the sidewalk in front of Yo2Go, a frozen yogurt shop that offers sugar free and dairy free options. It was a beautiful evening for relaxed conversation and we ran into my high school buddy Jazz’s daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. The best of the old, the new and the ongoing!