Blue Cream

In which she realizes she can use a colored pencil to shade a ehite object.

I love pitchers. I have more than makes sense.  I use the larger ones as vases. I have several shapes of white porcelain creamers, including this souvenir of my walk through Rome. It was €1.95. How could I leave it in Italy?


Little Boxes

The day after we visited MOAH, I realized I needed a box for part of my friend Treacy’s birthday gift, so I went online and found very helpful video instructions at Rob’s World.

Kitty and I sat down and went through the video and made charming little boxes out of printer paper!  Then we decorated them.  It wasn’t until we’d drawn on the finished boxes that we realized we could have unfolded them, making a continuous design easier. That’s how the daisy box came about.

Give it a try!  It’s fun to make things.