Snowy Visitor


Mom and I were sitting on the back deck the afternoon I arrived in Indiana. This pretty (homing?) pigeon watched us from the roof of the garage for a while. ¬†Then she came down to check us out, though she wasn’t interested in the black sunflower seeds we offered her.

Mom says she looks like she was carved out of Ivory soap. And those red feet!

After a while she swooped through the yard and away over the fields, hopefully toward home!


How Sweet It Is

JR’s Dairy Sweet in Wolf Lake, IN. Next door to where my father’s service station was until the late 70s.

Kitty and I went to the drive in for dinner on July 20th. Nice to sit outside in the evening.

You can get carhop service!
View from the table I shared with Kitty. 
Yes, I ate deep fried food. Mushrooms and a grilled cheese with tomato and pickles. We split a root beer float and hot fudge sundae. Pig out!
I really like this shot of the basket of hanging flowers.
Soft serve rules!