Keeping the Peace

The planting instructions say that this Peace rose needs at least six hours of direct sunlight. I don’t think they had a Southern California heatwave in mind, though.

It’s 105 in the shade in the back yard, so goodness knows how hot it is on the west side of the house this afternoon. My smart mother suggested this easy fix!  I cut slits in an old busted up umbrella so the wind won’t catch it so easily and put it over the rose.

Temperatures are supposed to rise over 100 degrees every day for the next week.  Laying low on the edge of the desert.


Laughter in the Rain


I chuckled to myself when I read online that rain was predicted for 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. today. “We’ll see!” I thought. I’ve been fooled before.

Ahem. Stepped outside at 8:03, and sure enough, it was raining!


Rainbow bonus for walking in the rain.

The rain waxed and waned, and by the time I had in two miles it was raining fairly steadily and the wind was blowing it under my umbrella. One of our neighbors drove past, then backed up and offered me a ride up the hill. Nice, but I got in two miles.