Random Heart

Some images from the couple of days after the Run for the Color, when we returned to the park for our regularly scheduled morning walk/jog.

Does anyone else see a heart in that tire track in the middle of the color leftover from the starting line of the 5K?


Cemetery Weather


Robert reading a grave marker at our local cemetery.  It was a gorgeous day. The rain chased us back to our cars after a little exploring.

Into the Greening


Moving into the new year  with the promise of rain. As long as it doesn’t get too cold, we should see the hills around us grow green in the coming weeks.

Spent some of the day mending things, doing a little more organizing (the sock drawer, the wardrobe, the tool baskets in the pantry). It feels good to set things aright at the turning of the year.


The drought has even been hard on the formidable juniper.

Spent another part of the day reminiscing with my mother about our travels in France and elsewhere. She’s staying for a nice long while, and it was good to not have to work at the beginning of her visit.

Hydra and I took a short hike. Gorgeous day. Had a chance to try the fabulous 18-140 lens Hydra gave me for Christmas…to replace the 18-105 that I broke when I stood up from my seat on a wall next to the Seine and it dropped to the sidewalk. It’s been my favorite lens for years. This new one goes to eleven!

Planning to post a photo a day for the month of January.



Touching the Sky


Hydra’s been working on these cairns on and off for a few years now.  Saturday was a great day to be up on the peak with these stones and those clouds.


I feel I have arrived.  That intensely blue peak in the distance is, I think, Mount Emma.



I felt compelled to add my two cents worth at the base of the farthest of the three cairns. It’ll be gone after the next rain.

From our house, we can see ravens playing with the wind and these branches.  Hydra has seen lots of road runners up here, too. If you build it…

This shot of Hydra with his most ambitious project yet was taken in May 2016. This is The Sphinx of Acton. I love the Quixotic element of building a sphinx on this hill in Southern California.



A couple of pre-teen boys were up there tearing it apart on Saturday. We saw them when we arrived home from errands and were able to intercept them on the fire road. They were appropriately apologetic and offered to fix it themselves. Hydra told them that the rocks are too heavy for them to lift (they seriously are) and he didn’t want them to get hurt. He showed them the sphinx he’s modeling this after.

They were at that age where you can talk yourself out of knowing that something is wrong. I did something like that when I was their age. I didn’t get caught, but it was a growing up moment when I realized that my actions caused someone else bad feelings and extra work.

It hurts to see the shoulders and neck, which were over 5 feet high, reduced to waist level. Hydra spent the rest of the afternoon up there working on it.


When I got to the other side of our neighborhood and took this shot, he was still working on the crest of the brown hill we call Sundry’s mountain.

Art Start!

Spent the morning drawing and framing the piece at the bottom and putting the final touches on the photographs…titling and labeling them.

Excited about dropping them off at Butler’s Coffee in a couple of hours! My first time entering their art show. First time entering artwork anywhere, I think.

The theme is “Black & White,” which is right up my alley. Work will hang there for about three months!