Wobby Sobby


Wobby sobby is, I believe, the sensation one has when one renders a beloved and rare object useless. Today I accidentally knocked the matching vintage Anchor Hocking Vitrock pepper shaker against the salt shaker with disastrous consequences.

I’ll probably put this surviving bit in a planter somewhere. It took us a while to find this at a reasonable price.  Guess we have something to search for again during our flea market and yard sale travels.  Dana’s family had a set like this in their house when he was growing up.


The Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi accepts and even celebrates the transience and imperfection of things. This appeals to me. I love the signs of age and use on objects.

My friend Marian, who is in her eighties, came up to me at a potluck on Saturday and said, “Where did you get my mother’s cake saver!?”

This cake saver is the best. I love the aluminum glow, the wooden acorn, and even the dent in the side.  It’s seen a lot of parties and it keeps baked goods fresh for days.


4 thoughts on “Wobby Sobby

  1. Oh, I am sorry about your salt shaker, but I am so glad to have this essay about wabi sabi. I didn’t know about this concept, but boy, do I need to keep it in mind. The timing is perfect; I have been very sobby since Friday when I discovered, to my horror, that something precious and priceless had been accidentally thrown away and is gone forever. I’m glad, too, that I’ve been able to enjoy your gorgeous cakes that you have presented in the wonderful cake saver!


    1. Oh no! That’s such an awful feeling! I’m so sorry.

      Strangely, that almost happened with the base of my cake saver this past weekend. I brought a bundt shaped spice cake to a big potluck in it. People kept taking the lid off to look at it and messing up the icing (luckily I’d brought extra frosting because it was a tight fit), so I put the base out on the dessert table by itself.

      At the end of the evening, I found that the cake had been scooped onto a paper plate and the base was missing! A couple of friends who were part of the clean up were luckily still there. They had each thought it could be tossed, and each had doubts, so one cleaned it and it was in the back of her SUV!

      I was so relieved! It was a weird day on Saturday. Several mishaps, including my cell phone being knocked out of my hand on stage and the screen shattered.

      I’m so sorry your precious thing is gone from you forever. If a replica would help at all, we do periodically dive into yard sales and flea markets….


  2. Some of my photographer friends are really into wabi-sabi, and it mostly seems to be expressed in pictures of drooping dead flowers. Wobby Sobby is a perfect description. I’m so sorry about your salt shaker, though – I know that feeling all too well. Is there any possibility of gluing it together until you find another one?


    1. Unfortunately, the piece that broke out hit the tile floor and shattered. Otherwise that, to me, is the essence of wabi-sabi. The thing that you continue to use even though it’s no longer perfect. I have things like that…including my face.


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