Wear the Hat!

55 was a good year for me personally.  Two of my poems were published. I shared many, many good times with friends and family, often involving music, art and literature. I made new and personally fulfilling connections. My rheumatoid arthritis management is working…big yay!  My husband continues to be funny and supportive and just difficult enough to keep things lively. (I am also difficult.)

I think 56 is going to be good. Entering a challenging new era along with the rest of the world and looking to make the best of  it.

Meanwhile, these hats!  Kitty and I saw these works by Kate Savage and their accompanying portraits on Saturday at the always worthwhile Museum of Art & History in Lancaster.

Which hat would you wear?  What would you wear with it?  Today, for my birthday, I might choose the mirrored or the regal hat. But for every day and if I could only choose one, I would wear the rustic magical horned hat. That looks an invitation to earth and animal energy to me. I’d wear boots and leggings and my brown poncho/shawl and make a necklace of polished stones and fountain pens to go with it.



3 thoughts on “Wear the Hat!

  1. Happy birthday! I’m convinced that 56 is going to be another great year for you. And while you would rock any of these hats, I do like your choice not only of the hat, but the entire outfit w/ accessories.


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