Tlaloc Dice “De Nada”


Tlaloc says, “You’re welcome.”

Last year, in anticipation of El Nino, we had two terraces built into the slope that runs most of the length of our property. El Nino didn’t bring out his rain clouds to play.

This summer we added a small statue of Tlaloc, the Aztec god of rain (and drought, and sprouting) that called to us on a visit to Olvera Street. We didn’t actually realize this until we saw a big statue of Tlaloc in Mexico City in the background of Mozart in the Jungle.

Maybe Tlaloc likes that we scatter seeds and cracked corn on the level below him, drawing in birds of many feathers. The pacing, duration and force of the rains has been wonderful here so far, allowing the earth to absorb much-needed water rather that coming in torrents that damage or destroy.


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