Ready to Roll

This may be the cutest pen roll ever, and it was made for me by my niece, Kate. I love the choice of fabric!  She was so right when she picked it. She hasn’t sewn much, which makes this even more impressive.

It’s sturdy and soft, and the ends of the cords are dipped in fragrant wax to seal them.

Pretty excited about taking this with me loaded with pens an pencils, when we go to Barcelona and Rome this spring!  Can you see me unrolling this while sitting on the Spanish Steps?



3 thoughts on “Ready to Roll

  1. I definitely see you on the Spanish Steps with this! I love mine, too. I’ve been saying for awhile that even though my quart-sized ziplock freezer bags are great for carrying my colored pencils, I need just one more to use as a palette bag so I don’t end up rummaging through my bigger canvas art bag for just the colors I was using yesterday. Voila! This is so classy! GREAT gift!


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