My sister, Pegerty, created these two gorgeous magnetic bookmarks. I love the lush colors and the depth of the shading!  So in awe of her talent. They’re almost too gorgeous to use.


Yes, there are Christmas books to use them on. Do you sense a theme?  We’ll be staying just a few blocks from the Picasso Museum in Barcelona in the spring, and plan a day trip to Salvador Dali’s home north of the city.

We just saw Carrie Fisher on The Graham Norton Show in December and I’ve read her other books, so this was a nice surprise. So sad that she and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, are both gone now. Also, not pictured: Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook. I used his recipe for roasted parsnips for New Year’s Eve dinner. Who knew a parsnip could be so good?

What books did you get for Christmas?


4 thoughts on “Bookmarked

  1. Beautiful bookmarks! And my Dad does roasted parsnips, don’t know if there’s an actual recipe, but I could ask.

    Barcelona is amazing, we went as part of the honeymoon.

    And nobody buys me books, it scares them. The only one I got this Christmas was one from my Dad, the same one he got me for my birthday last year. Consistent, at least. I gave it to my mother-in-law.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on my recent list, though. Carrie Fisher should have been my F! Legends, both.


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