Practical Magic


My sister, Pegerty, has been helping Kitty out around the house and yard a bit more lately (yay, sis!) and look what she learned from our clever mother!

Use an old shower curtain or shower liner as a drop cloth when you are trimming shrubs. It makes clean up so much faster!  You can drag it around easily, and then use it to carry clippings to the compost pile or trash bin.

I’m actually looking forward to trimming the star jasmine this week. Raking up the scraps is always my least favorite part of the job. It’s much more manageable this way!

And yes, of course, I had saved an old shower curtain liner and I knew where to find it. I am my mother’s daughter, darlings.


4 thoughts on “Practical Magic

  1. Such a simple and obvious solution, right? I never thought of it either. But I do have an old shower curtain liner that I tucked away in my laundry room, in case I ever needed it. Now I know it’s in case I have a garden again!


      1. I wish I could say I am, but in truth, I’m longing for “a bit of earth” of my own. I’ve never been an avid gardener, but I do miss having a place for a few flowers and maybe a tomato plant or two.

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  2. I spent many years in an apartment with no place to grow anything and I missed it. Our little yard is just right for me. It needs my attention, but not too much. It helps that we go for an intentional but not manicured vibe. We are zoned rural, after all!


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