Pegerty’s Blooms


The fact that these tiger lilies grow wild along the roadsides in northeastern Indiana doesn’t make them any less spectacular. I love how many places have a little stand of them in their yards, including my sister’s in Columbia City.


She also keeps a place for milkweed, which is good for bees and Monarch butterflies. Milkweeds used to grow rampant along the roadside, always good for some entertainment when the silky insides of the pods burst through. Later in the week, Pegerty cooked some milkweed pod buds into an omelet for us.


I admire the lush diversity of plants outside Pegerty’s back door. She’s a wildcrafter, and lots of these things are edible transplants .


5 thoughts on “Pegerty’s Blooms

  1. The Tiger Lilies remind me of my Pennsylvania Grandma, who always considered Geraniums so tropical and exotic – while they grow like weeds here in California! But we both liked ’em! Your sister’s yard is very pretty.


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