Historic Hall’s

I know, that looks like a grammar problem in the title, but in this case, I’m talking about Hall’s restaurants in Fort Wayne, IN. Kitty and I saw an article in the Journal-Gazette about the Hall family’s 11 restaurants, so when we drove over to the airport to pick up the Kindle I left on the plane Saturday morning, we stopped by the one on Bluffton Road.

Hydra and I and a lot of our theater friends used to hang out at Hall’s Gas House downtown during happy hour and after shows. The one thing Hydra asked me to bring back from Indiana was one of their open-faced prime rib sandwiches.

The Factor was a family favorite for special dinners, and the first place that Hydra, my parents and I shared a meal. We didn’t go to the drive in on Coliseum Boulevard much (we went to Azar’s Big Boy), but it’s nice to see it still there next to the Rollerdome.

Glad to see that they are thriving. The drive-in at 1502 Bluffton Road is the oldest of the bunch. It opened in 1946! Glad to see that they kept the cool interior design intact. It’s fun to sit in the round room.The service was very friendly and flexible (anyone can order from the senior menu with its smaller portions) and the patrons included lots of regulars who stopped by each other’s tables while we were there.


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