This Must Be the Place

So, I had to leave the sunny shores of Any Given Sundry behind due to space issues. Filled up the free space. Now the old blog is basically a storage unit until they kick me out or something.

Thanks for following me over here!  I hope you’ll make it official and click on the Follow button!

My blog is still called Any Given Sundry because, in spite of all advice to the contrary, I don’t want to be pinned down to one subject or genre. I used to think this made me an unsuccessful generalist, but I have come to embrace the multiplicity of art forms and other wonders that are available to lucky little ol’ me.

And success? I’d like it to be more visible and concrete. I’d like to get my (writing and art)work out into the world more. But if success is measured by daily engagement and joy, then I am doing quite well, thank you.

This photo was taken from my driveway a few weeks ago, on a morning when the sun slipped through a break in the clouds to light Sundry’s Mountain. This is really the way the light looked!



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