Clifton’s Downtown LA Lives!


We took a lunch break while in downtown L.A. for the March for Science to check out Clifton’s cafeteria, which has a long and storied history.  (Click on the link to read more.) The family that owned this place gave away a lot of food from the back of this restaurant during the depression.


I love how they salvaged what they could of the old mosaic floors. Smart!


The decor in the serving line is considerably jazzed up since before the renovation. And so are the prices.  Still, you can get a good sized side of their famous macaroni and cheese for $4.99, which is exactly what I did.


Desserts. Yes. I had pie. Pecan pie.  And limeade.  SO good.


We sat at a nice old dining room table in a little alcove all our own on the second floor, tucked under the stairs.  We could see most of the first floor dining area from there.


Three story high faux tree which houses a fireplace.  Do you need more convincing?


Next time I will sit in this chair. I did sit in several of the chairs made from big slabs of trees.


And yes, there is taxidermy.  There’s a whole buffalo under glass on the second floor. This guy and some others are on the third floor, which is mostly open just for private events.

This place is an L.A. classic.  It’s a three-block walk from the Pershing Square stop on the Metro Red Line.  Want to meet for lunch?

Walken on Sunshine

You don’t have to like this.

Call it the Dali effect? Now at the top of my lottery-winning list: buy a little property in the desert where I could construct stuff, deconstruct stuff, re-construct stuff and paint on everything without fear of reprisal.

I wanted to try playing with mixed media using a found photograph after reading Freehand by Helen Birch.  This is gouache, marker, pen and photo.  Found this image of Christopher Walken in a recent AARP Magazine and as soon as I started cutting it out I could see the basic design in my head. Added a few details after the first burst.

I read a couple of books about artists’ journals that kind of intimidated me. Hopefully in recovery now.

RIP Boomer


Boomer, on the left, passed away Saturday morning.  He was a good little guy.

We were going to get one budgie, but right after I picked him out, he snuggled up to Tex, on the right. So we brought both of them home.

Tex, the survivor, has always been the more people-oriented of the two, but he is still looking for his brother.  He checks the foot of the sheer curtains that are behind them in this shot, because in his last days Boomer sometimes overshot this perch and slid down them, where we’d rescue him.

Six years is not long enough. Hoping little Tex stays with us a long time.

Wobby Sobby


Wobby sobby is, I believe, the sensation one has when one renders a beloved and rare object useless. Today I accidentally knocked the matching vintage Anchor Hocking Vitrock pepper shaker against the salt shaker with disastrous consequences.

I’ll probably put this surviving bit in a planter somewhere. It took us a while to find this at a reasonable price.  Guess we have something to search for again during our flea market and yard sale travels.  Dana’s family had a set like this in their house when he was growing up.


The Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi accepts and even celebrates the transience and imperfection of things. This appeals to me. I love the signs of age and use on objects.

My friend Marian, who is in her eighties, came up to me at a potluck on Saturday and said, “Where did you get my mother’s cake saver!?”

This cake saver is the best. I love the aluminum glow, the wooden acorn, and even the dent in the side.  It’s seen a lot of parties and it keeps baked goods fresh for days.


img_0366First attempt at using the dry gouache paint set I picked up today. I guess dry gouache isn’t a serious art supply. That’s what I get for buying art supplies at Barnes & Noble. Forgive my naivete!  These seem like they might travel well, though…

Hydra and I dropped Kitty off at LAX this morning, then  wandered around the beach cities of Venice and Santa Monica watching surfers and dogs, window shopping and enjoying the light rain.

Missing Kitty already. She’s so much fun!